Sharon-Zelinko-RNSharon Zelinko, creator of Gripsors, is an RN with over 50 years of medical service. She created Gripsors to end the constant struggles with getting IV tubing apart. Gripsors, a medical bandage scissors (just one of it’s uses) can easily grip IV and G tubing apart with ease, saving you time and frustration that goes with trying to do this with finger strength alone.

If you are a nurse or medical professional you can relate to this and have your own horror stories to tell us about how disastrous this can be.

That frustration ends with Gripsors!

These scissors have an important feature that you won’t find in other medical bandage scissors. It’s the fine grooves between the handles that allow you to grip in order to twist, insert, or extract. Health care professionals all across the country have reported phenomenal results using these revolutionary scissors for cutting, gripping, and prying.

Our three newest models feature a hook.gripsors scissors with hook being used as an oxygen key

The hook can be used for opening the metal rings on saline style vials. The hook also serves as an oxygen key.

The stainless steel construction goes right into the dishwasher. Blunt safety tips prevent reaching hands from injury when stored in the drawer or toolbox/tackle box and will not pierce your pocket or purse.

Other Awesome Uses for Grispors!

  • Prying the tops from beverage containers
  • Stripping electrical wires
  • Opening nail polish
  • Skinning chicken
  • Cutting pizza

Watch this short video about using Gripsors with your pets.

A must have tool! SHOP NOW!.